Today’s customers expect authentic, precisely focused, and personalized communication. This makes it all the more important to conduct a channel-independent, real time, customer-dialog. For this purpose, we must understand customers and focus precisely on their specific needs. This where audience management comes in.

Although the audience management approach as such is not new, the opposite applies to the opportunities it offers today. Today, contacts and customers, the audience, can be identified at the digital touchpoints and addressed in real time. But how would things look if the delivery of the marketing messages were also coordinated across all channels?

The aim of audience management is the creation of a 360° customer profile. We explain the opportunities offered by the data-driven marketing of tomorrow with the example of an airline passenger: when booking their flights, many customers are price-sensitive and look for the cheapest options. Closer to the date of travel, comfort becomes a more important factor, above all for long-distance flights. An offer with an upgrade shortly before the departure date promises good conversion rates at that moment in time. The campaigns can be presented in Facebook ads, SEA ads, newsletters, and display ads. The content is added according to destinations from a product feed.

The basis for such a holistic view and of customers and appropriate communication is delivered by customer data gathered from various areas of the enterprise such as, for example, in online and dialog marketing, CRM systems, and from customer service centers. The challenge here lies in the concatenation of information from various sources and bringing the data together to create an overall picture of the customer. Only the concatenation of all relevant data makes it possible to create a clear target group profile and determine valuable clusters that can be used for downstream implementation in the form of campaign management processes.

In this area, blueSummit works with experts like Dymatrix Consulting GmbH. This allows us to provide consulting and concept design services for our clients and, above all, to support their objectives with effective, target-driven, smart and proven technologies.



You can find out more about this topic in our white paper below. We appreciate your understanding of the fact that this white paper is only available in German.


Whitepaper - Der Kunde im Fokus von blueSummit GmbH

Following the inflationary use of the terms Big Data and Smart Data over the past three years, the actual output of the Big Data craze was relatively small. Although, in the meantime, many enterprises do gather massive volumes of data, actual focused exploitation of these data and, above all, their common use in marketing campaigns, is still in its infancy. Although the relevant information for this is actually available everywhere, the cross-functional concatenation of the enormous variety of data has not yet taken place.

The white paper illustrates how future data-based marketing campaigns can benefit form smart data, which hurdles must be taken, and how enterprises must adapt their organizational structures to finally arrive at the much-cited 360° view of their customers.