SportScheck is Germany’s leading multichannel specialist retailer for sports equipment and sportswear and caters for almost every kind of sport. The range covers more than 35,000 articles and is available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. SportScheck customers can find information and shop not only from themed catalogs and a nationwide network of stores, but also online, at The company, a member of the Otto Group, was founded in 1946 and today has more than 1,600 employees. In spring 2014, SportScheck commissioned blueSummit with the management of Google Shopping campaigns.


The SportScheck online store registers 52 million visits per year. Its products are advertised with various marketing measures, including Google Shopping campaigns. The mission was the development of a comprehensive strategy in the area of product feed optimization in collaboration with the in-house team at SportScheck. The objectives of this were to increase the delivery rate of SportScheck product feeds in Google and generate additional revenue.


As a first step in the collaboration, blueSummit analyzed the status quo of SportScheck’s Google Shopping campaigns. Although SportScheck was already well-placed in rankings, we were able to identify significant potentials for optimization. For example, although the feeds indicated a good database and formatting, there were, however, too many (customer-) specific terms in titles that had too little search volume and some descriptions that did not contain the decisive “money keywords”.

Our measures therefore concentrated on the optimum processing of data feeds, including enrichment with all essential information, and the granular expansion of the campaigns to allow target-oriented management of all products. A series of testing scenarios was also developed with a view to making success measurable at a later stage.

The basis for our optimization measures was laid out in the form of a step-by-step project plan:
1. Radical revision of the feeds to remove factors with negative effects on quality
2. Prioritization and analysis of the product groups for testing
3. Categorization of products into to test and control groups
4. Realization of the previously developed testing scenarios
5. Analysis & drafting of next steps


In the “winter jackets“ example, the products were first assigned to various groups according to size. The relevant keywords were then identified with the aid of Web site data, Google Traffic, and search query reports. In a series of tests, the keywords were placed at various locations in the Titles & Descriptions and the feed content was revised and enriched. The modifications were performed with the aid of FeedDynamix and Productsup technologies.

Produkttitel Optimierung von SportScheck


In the product groups we tested, visibility and sales significantly exceeded the client’s expectations. For example, the visibility in the “winter jackets” category rose by 79% within only a few weeks. At the same time, the strategically important product group showed an increase in sales of 33%. In 2014 alone, all test groups together achieved a 77% increase in visibility and 47% higher sales than was observed in the control groups over the same period of time.

Graph of Sportscheck's Case Study


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