Acquire new customers, reactivate your existing customer base, and initiate the purchasing impulse: Performance reach not only increases the awareness of your brand, it also directly initiates the purchasing decision process. We work with fixed placement, retargeting, Google Display Network (GDN), and real time bidding to ensure you the greatest possible success. Because, only by the orchestration of various forms of placement and the deployment of a range of technologies is it possible to directly and precisely target your customers with relevant ads.


Real time bidding is a key element of our media planning for clients. Real time bidding is a new form of media buying, in which advertising space is auctioned in real-time. This allows extremely flexible, granular, and efficient adjustments to campaigns. In real time bidding, the focus is not on the environment of the advertising medium, but on the user who generates an impression. It therefore ensures that your target group is addressed with absolute precision.

Our outstanding performance in real time bidding is founded on our numerous years of experience as a performance marketing agency. Customized client concepts stand at the focal point of our RTB campaigns: By means of a detailed target group analysis, precise targeting, and continuous data and campaign optimization, we always know how and where your advertising media must be placed to provide maximum performance without losses from scattering. Smart remarketing and retargeting ultimately ensure that contacts are reminded of your offers on the Web sites they visit after leaving yours.

Our experts work together with all relevant market partners and combine our own and third party data with experience and technological expertise.


  • Media planning and media buying
  • Best possible conditions through long-standing partnership agreements
  • A selection of appropriate advertising environments for your brands and products
  • Campaign set-up, management, and optimization-Setup
  • Utilization of real time bidding, display advertising, video advertising, mobile advertising
  • Efficient remarketing and retargeting
  • Creative media design
  • Demand-oriented and precise target group communication
  • Transparent reporting

Display campaigns are employed throughout the entire customer journey. This makes the development of a holistic performance marketing concept all the more important. In combination with Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the reach and quality of campaigns can be raised to new levels.


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We assist and support you in the realization of an effective Performance Reach strategy.