Privacy Policy

Thank you very much for visiting our website. We aim to ensure our visitors to be able to navigate the website easily, conveniently and securely. The purpose of this privacy notice is to explain the nature, extent and purposes of the collection and use of personal data by the owner of (Blue Summit Media GmbH, Bernhard-Wicki-Strasse 7, 80636 Munich).

As a matter of course we comply with the statutory provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and telecommunications act (TMG), as well as other data protection regulations.

To optimise our website and the services offered on it we collect and record data such as the name of the visited website, file, date and time of visit, transferred data volume, site loading time metrics, browser type and version, the user’s operating system, referrer URL (the previously visited site), IP address and internet provider. All collected data are anonymised without personally identifying the user of the site. A user profile may be created through the use of a pseudonym, but also here there is no trackable link to the natural persons to whom the pseudonym relates.

WWe adhere to the principle of data use for specific purposes, and therefore collect, edit and record your personal data only for the purposes for which you entrusted us with them. Unless it is necessary to provide our service or execute the contract your personal data will not at any time be disclosed to any third parties without you expressing your personal consent. Furthermore, data will only be disclosed to government bodies or authorities with the right of access in which case we are required either by law or in compliance with a court ruling to provide that information.
Internal company data protection is of our highest concern. Accordingly, both our employees and the service companies commissioned by us are subject to obligations of secrecy and of compliance with the provisions of data protection law.

In case you contact us, for instance through the contact form provided on this website or by email, your details will be recorded for the purpose of processing your query as well as any follow-up queries.

If you commission us to provide a service, we generally collect and record your personal data only in so far as is necessary to render the service or execute the contract. In addition it may be necessary to disclose your personal data to the companies we use to render said service or execute said contract.

We may integrate third-party content into this online presence, for instance YouTube videos, Google Maps mapping material, RSS feeds or graphics from other websites. A prerequisite for integrating this external content is their providers (hereinafter referred to as ‘Third-Party Provider’) are aware of the user’s IP address, since without the IP address they cannot transmit the content to that user’s browser. Accordingly your IP address is necessary in order to display that content. We make every effort only to use content whose providers will employ your IP address solely in order to deliver that content. However, we cannot prevent Third-Party Providers from recording your IP address for instance for statistical purposes. If we are aware of this being the case we notify users accordingly.

We also use cookies to collect and record usage data. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer for the purpose of recording statistical information such as your operating system, browser and IP address, the referring website (referrer URL) as well as time. We collect this data for statistical purposes exclusively to improve and optimise our Internet presence. Any collecting or recording of user data is done anonymously or via pseudonyms and does not allow any inferences to be made about your identity.

Naturally you can also browse our website without allowing the use of cookies. To prevent us from placing any cookies you can prevent cookies being stored on your hard disk by choosing the browser setting ‘block all cookies’. Please consult your browser manufacturer’s instructions for the details and functioning of that setting. Please note, though, that if you block all cookies this may lead to limitations in our website’s functioning.

Our website uses the social plug-ins (plug-ins) of the social network, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (Facebook). These plug-ins are recognisable either through the use of one of the Facebook logos (a white ‘f’ on a blue background or the thumbs-up symbol) or via the designation ‘Facebook social plug-in’. A list of Facebook social plug-ins and what they look like can be found here:

As soon as you visit our website the Facebook social plug-ins induce your browser to create a direct link with Facebook’s servers. The content of the plug-ins is transmitted by Facebook directly to your browser, which integrates it into the website. Thus we have no influence on the extent of the data collected by Facebook using this plug-in.

By integrating the plug-in, Facebook learns that a user has visited the referring website and page. If the user is logged in to Facebook it can assign the visit to that user’s Facebook account. If users interact with the plug-ins, for instance by pressing the Like button or making a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted by your browser directly to Facebook and recorded there. Even if a user is not a member of Facebook it is possible for Facebook to find out and store his or her IP address. According to Facebook, in Germany only an anonymised IP address is recorded.

Details of the purpose and extent of Facebook’s collection, processing and use of the data, as well as users’ rights and setting options to protect privacy can be found in Facebook’s data use policy at

Users who are members of Facebook, but do not want Facebook to collect their data via this website and link it with its stored Facebook membership data, are advised to log-out from Facebook before visiting this website.

It is also possible to block Facebook social plug-ins by using add-ons for your browser, for example the Facebook Blocker.

You are entitled, at any time and without giving any reason, to be granted free access to all data we hold on you. You are also entitled at any time to demand the blocking, correction or erasure of your personal data. Moreover, you may, at any time and without giving any reason, withdraw the consent you have granted us to collect and use your data. In order to do so please contact the address given in this website’s imprint. Upon request we are willing to answer any further questions you may have concerning our privacy notice and the use of your personal data.
Please note that both data protection provisions and the data protection policies of third-parties such as Google may change at any time. Accordingly we strongly advise you to keep up to date at all time on changes in legal provisions and in the practice of mentioned third-parties.