Automation and the use of appropriate technologies are essential criteria for the success of online marketing. Their use increases not only efficiency, e.g. by process automation, but also effectiveness by, for instance, gathering and processing a wide range of different data that influence the decision-making process. In consequence, automation and the use of suitable technologies bring enormous competitive advantages.

We analyze your precise requirements and then find and combine the best technological solutions on the market, which may be blueSummit In-house-technologies, market-leading technological solutions, or special niche products. Special solutions developed by blueSummit, for instance for interfacing and integrating backend data, for client-specific reporting, or the control of search engine marketing campaigns, are programmed by our own development team. Thanks to our experience with a multitude of online marketing tools available on the market, we are in a position to continuously adapt and optimize our own technologies. Our team possesses extensive experience gathered in training and the practical use of third party technologies.


Product feed optimisation and product data control play an increasingly important role in performance marketing. In a competitive market, the ability to locate the product portfolio in price and product search engines, via Google Shopping, or retargeting providers, is decisive for online stores. As the use of appropriate technology is essential for this, we work with the leading tools on the market. Together with our subsidiary, and its feed engine of the same name, Feed Dynamix, we can offer marketing automation across all sales channels. And guarantee maximum transparency and performance at the same time. Discover more on the Feed Dynamix Web site.


Studies show that, on average, users on the way to making a purchasing decision, require around four touchpoints with different advertising media before they buy. But precisely how, and in which phase, do your marketing measures influence the customer’s purchasing decision? How do important KPIs like the shopping basket, the conversion rate, or the repurchasing rate develop in relation to the campaign touchpoints? Are there such things as campaigns that were never a part of a customer journey?.

In order to ensure the most efficient utilization and control of your budget, it is essential to make a detailed analysis of all touchpoints of successful and unsuccessful user-journeys. Using the most modern technologies, we bring transparency to your online marketing and make it possible for you to view and correctly evaluate all user-touchpoints with the various advertising media. This enables us to help you find the best way to control and align your marketing activities, identify optimisation potentials, and make more effective use of your budget.


Planning, operating, and the analysis of marketing campaigns are essential elements of campaign marketing management. Campaign management processes are becoming increasingly complex. Above all, this driven by the constantly increasing variety of  marketing products, the use of a broad spectrum of sales channels, and ever-increasing differentiation into finite target groups.

blueSummit works with technologies that aid the campaign management process and make it flow more smoothly. We employ an interface to gather together all planned marketing campaigns, including their objectives and scheduled budgets. We employ this, for instance, to enable us to compare results from cross-channel success tracking, the client’s backend systems, and effectiveness in the marketing funnel to establish a basis for holistic analysis and evaluation.


Depending on the initial situation, we either work with bid management solutions from third party providers or calculate bids with our own control algorithm for the effective management of keyword and shopping campaigns.

On the basis of your objectives, e.g. cost to sales revenue ratio (CTS) or return on investment (ROI), we take a multitude of relevant performance indicators (e.g. conversion rate, average order vale, profit margin) into account for the calculation of bids (CPC = costs per click). Here, our orientation focuses on statistically-relevant data volumes and are, for example, always in a position to provide highly-effective bids, even in the presence of new or long-tail keywords. At the same time, our aim is to integrate the client’s own data (e.g. from the backend) as only so can we guarantee that calculated bids match the client’s corporate objectives.


We attach great importance to an optimum KPI base / database and/or the best-possible integration of all available data in the campaign management process. With a flexible import interface specially developed for this purpose by blueSummit IT (the blueSummit Data Importer), we can export data flexibly from our client’s backend systems to our campaign reports and employ it in the campaign management process.

In order to ensure the most efficient utilization and control of your budget, it is essential to have access to a valid and meaningful database. Many enterprises continue to manage their budgets purely on the basis of performance indicators derived from Web statistics (CPO or cost-demand ratios before customer-filtering processes and returns). This leads to significant failures in the fulfillment of targets when the actual performance indicators and results for the client’s backend system are not taken into account. Ultimately, the success or failure of a measure is evaluated by means of the backend figures. Only consideration of the “hard” key performance indicators (KPIs), like the conversion rate, cost-revenue relationship, yield, or customer lifetime value make it possible to assign the marketing budget in accordance with corporate objectives.


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